Winter Season 2019-2020

by Rick Borg

Time to start thinking about winter puck.  If your team is coming back or if you are a new team, I can answer all of your questions with registration.    

I can also discuss what you saw last year and what you would like to see this coming year.  The winter is a long, drawn out affair.  So lets see what we can do to make it work better.

Just so you are all aware.  The Tues night divisions at all my rinks are completely full.  BUT ... There are spots for individual players.  Send me a message if your interested.

Mon and Weds nights are not nights that we operate.  I just don't have any ice on these days.  

Tues night program is totally filled to capacity.

Thurs/Fri night program has 2 spots now open.  Please inquire with myself, for more info.

Sat/Sun has some room and we utilize Delasalle,  St.Mikes and Upper Canada College.  This is a very tough program to enter as space is very limited.    Contact me, for more info.

Teams are inquiring every day.  So the sooner you get your inquiry into me, the sooner I can get you an answer.

Team Caliber.  I will evaluate each team the first 3-4 weeks of play.  And re adjust the divisions.  Then, one final time after 10 games.  The league strives to create equal play, but in some cases that is impossible, so please bare with us as we make these movements.

INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS - I will be creating individual teams with the players that sign up.  The amount of players over the years has been steadily increasing.  This past summer, I made up 3 teams of individuals and I still stranded players.  This winter I want to decrease that percentage of stranded guys and try to get everyone on the ice.  It will be tough but I will try.   There are NO individual teams on Tues nights.  There is one individual team on Sat/Sun (3pm-11pm Sat and 11am-6pm Sun).   There are teams that are looking for players and so i am filling them up first.  These teams consist of Thurs/Fri and the Sat/Sun programs.   What you get is 21 season games plus playoffs.  Cost is being determined as I haven't finalized it yet.  For more info please contact me at 

Rick Borg, Commissioner